As of 2024 please don't forget to change your race number plate to a
two or three digit number as requested by AusCycling.

Here is some information about BMX racing to help get you started.

To train or race, you must first obtain an AusCycling membership.
Go online to

You will need a AusCycling membership if you are wanting to start training with one of our coaches, see the "Coaching" tab on the right or click on the following link

Maybe start with the "4 Week Free Trial Membership" found at
This will let you see if your rider likes BMX first!
If you choose to continue after the 4 weeks, you will need to sign them up with an  Annual AusCycling Membership.

AusCycling Annual Membership prices are:
Ages 2 - 7 = $81
Ages 8 - 12 = $109
Concession Under 19, 65+ & Para classification = $175
Ages 19 - 64 = $244
Note: Additional ontop of these prices is a club fee of $30.
Cost of racing each Saturday is also addtional to the membership fee.

New members please note that we do not loan out bmx race bikes for training.

Apart from Mini Wheelers all other classes will require a race number, once your 4 Week Free Trial membership has completed or you can get a race number straight away if you sign up for the full year at this link The race number must contain a minimum of two digits and maximum of three digits, and must not start with the number 0 (zero), or 00 (zero, zero). Handy hint to choose a race number is your birthday. For example you were born on the 18th day of the month, you could choose your race number as 18. However if you were born on the days between 1-9, like say the 2nd of March (3rd month of the year), you may like to choose the combination race number 23. Basically, choose a number combination that means something to you or is of significance in your family.

You can also join at the club on Saturday race days, please come and see our Registrar at the Nominations Hut and maybe pop down a little earlier to give us time to step through it with you.

You must always bring your AusCycling "Digital Membership" for us to scan in each Saturday to nominate for racing.  Upon completing your rider's membership, AusCycling would have instantly emailed you confirmation that your rider's membership is successful.  In this email, scroll down to the very bottom and click on the blue writing saying "Manage AusCycling's Memberships", it will take you to another window where you can click on the "Wallet" app to then automatically save the virtual "Digital Membership" to your own smart phone's "Wallet" app.  Once you do this, click on the "Wallet" app on your smart phone and you will see the AusCycling Membership Card.
Your Membership is also valid at any other club throughout Perth and Australia at any time.

Transponders are those small little red or yellow plastic items on the front forks that record lap times for each race. We hire these out for an additional $1 ontop of your nomination fee.  Note that Mini Wheelers, 5/6
/7 Sprockets do not require transponders as we do not use them for these age classes and are not electronically time recorded.  The transponders are an additional purchase cost on top of your membership and can be purchased from some local bicycle shops.  Otherwise go online to MYLAPS and the direct link is:
Subscription prices are: 1 year is $83.99, 2 years is $124.50, 5 years is $199.50.

Once you have fitted a transponder to the front forks (normally with a couple of cable ties), to view lap times go online a
nd search for Our Sqorz, see link  Click on the green highlighted "today", and then find the age class your rider is nominated in.  Once your rider has crossed the finish line, the lap time will appear within a couple of seconds.


Costello Place, Bob Gordon Reserve, Bull Creek
turn in at tennis courts on Benningfield Road.

Every Saturday, all year round February to November.
We have breaks during school holidays and do not race during these times.

Nominations: 2.15pm - 3.00pm
Gate practice: 2.45pm - 3.25pm
Mini Wheelers: 3.10pm - 3.25pm (Starting at 2nd berm through to finish line)
5 years and upwards Racing: 3.30pm - 5pm approx
Motos: (races) - 4 Motos each Saturday
We race 2 Motos, have a 10 min break, then race the next 2 Motos.

(the age you will be by 31 December is your Age class):
Mini Wheelers : Ages 2 - 7 yrs on Strider bikes, $5 per Saturday and race starts at 3.10pm - 3.25pm (do not need transponders as they are not scored)
5 Sprockets : 5 years (do not need transponders as they are not scored)
6 Sprockets : 6 years (do not need transponders as they are not scored)
7 Sprockets : 7 years (do not need transponders as they are not scored)
8 Years
9 Years
10 Years
11 Years
12 Years
13-14 Years
14+ : 15 years and above
Open 20 : 20 years and above
30 + Years
Junior Cruisers : 13 years and under
Open Cruisers : 14 years and above
Open Wheel - Combined 20" and Cruiser for casual riders that are 14 yrs and over, that don’t compete in Super Series, States or Nationals but just want to race for fun. Great for beginners.

You will need to nominate your rider each week
Nominations open at 2.15pm and close at 3.00pm

$10 per week per class plus $1 for transponder hire (needed for scoring, 
transponder must be returned at the completion of last moto).
Mini Wheelers $5.

Available at the Southside bmx track
and run on a school term basis.
See the "Coaching" tab on the right or click on the following link
Email for more info.

Your rider will need:
Long sleeve shirt, track suit pants and jeans are okay.
Long sleeve top - eventually you can purchase a jersey & BMX pants.
Sneakers / Closed in shoes / BMX shoes.
BMX gloves (approx $30).
BMX full face helmet approx ($150).

Gloves & helmets can be loaned from club for racing on Saturday for four weeks only,
and must be returned after the last moto. These items are not to be taken off the Southside Club premisies.

Your rider will need a BMX race bike.
Size will depend on height of rider, ask at a BMX bike shop for advice.

If you have a street BMX bike you must remove reflectors, foot pegs, bell, mudguard, baskets, carriers, training wheels and front brakes to be safe to ride and will need closed bar ends installed on the handle bars.

BMX Racing Bikes, helmets and gloves can be borrowed from the club for first 4 weeks, and must be returned at the end of the last moto each Saturday. Unfortunately we do not lend out bmx bikes and gear for personal use or training as it must remain with the club on club grounds.

See Mark at Midland Cycles in Midland.
See Mark at Freedom Wheels BMX Pro Shop in Wangara.
See Georges Bike Shop in Willetton.

All WA BMX community sell secondhand bikes and gear here.

You will need a bmx race plate.
You can borrow one from the Scorers at Nominations Hut to start.
You can buy them from the club and we also have sticker numbers you can purchase.
 To buy a Southside club branded race plate come over to the Nominations Hut.
Different age groups and age classes are allocated different colours.
Race numbers are allocated by AusCycling to members that have "Annual" memberships.
4 month free trial memberships are not given numbers, ask to borrow a numbered plate at registration when nominating your rider.

3 rounds for 2024.
Round 1:  Feb 4 - May 6 (10 weeks in total).
Round 2:  May 21 - Aug 5 (9 weeks in total).
Round 3:  Aug 12 - Nov 11 (10 weeks in total).
Trophies and Participation Medals are presented at a Trophy Presentation at the end of each round.

Riders that attend every week will receive a medal for participation.
Non scoring weeks do not count.

Riders must compete in 8 weeks for Rounds 1 & 2 and
9 weeks in Round 3 to qualify for a trophy:
Non scoring days are not counted.
Generally riders can miss a maximum of three weeks per round and still qualify.
Parents, family member or friend must volunteer once per round (per family).

The club runs on volunteers.
We have many ways to volunteer including:
Race day volunteers
Committee positions
Busy Bees
Volunteering at events eg fundraising, Super Series
Bottled water, soft drinks or food donations on race days
Please make sure to have your full name and your rider's name put down in the Volunteer Book, this is so we can keep track for Trophy qualifications.

Track preparation.
Set up track for racing and pack up after racing.
Scorers - nominations & transponder scoring.
Canteen helpers.
Running the Gate.
Bottom Staging - calling out names of riders and putting them in their age classes.
Middle Staging - checking off riders names and allocating their lane number.
Top Staging - checking riders are in their correct moto and lane.
Flagging - Corner Marshall holding a yellow flag, when first aid is needed you hold flag horizontally. You will first need to have an AusCycling Membership which can be found at
If you are unable to / have trouble volunteering, please come and see us in the canteen for alternative ways of qualifying, eg canteen supply donations, track prep or setting up.
Please come down and have a look when we race on Saturdays.
If you have questions or need help, ask at the canteen.

Any further questions please email



Southside BMX Club is one of the oldest BMX clubs in Western Australia. We have been racing at the corner of Parry Avenue & Benningfield Road in Bull Creek since 1980!   


Our track is open to all riders and provides a great environment for the local community to experience BMX riding.


We welcome all new members. Come down and try the exciting Olympic sport of BMX racing for yourself. 


Our club currently has around 200 members ranging in age from 4 to over 50 years. Our members compete not only at our track but all over the State, throughout Australia and even at an international level.  





2.15pm - 3.00pm Nominations


2.45pm - 3.25pm Gate Practice


3.10pm - 3.25pm Mini Wheelers


3.30pm - 5.00pm approx, 5 Sprockets and upwards race 4 motos






The continued support of local businesses and community members has enabled Southside BMX Club to provide local kids & adults with a fantastic cycling facility for over 40 years.


We thank them for their support and ask that you support those that support us. 


Be sure to check out our Sponsors Page to find out more. And if you would like to assist the Southside BMX Club please contact our Club President Ian Ainger by email